What we offer

Media Strategy

We work with you to develop and implement your media strategy.

Decades of experience working across print, online and broadcast news means we know what the media want, how you can formulate your messages and get them across in the most positive way. We help you to tell powerful stories about your business and crucially, how to get those stories seen by the right people. We can also help you to plan a media strategy for difficult events, and for unpredictable or crisis situations. Having a flexible media strategy is vital.

Media Training

We work with you to hone your ability to deal with the media.

Media training has to be specific to have real benefit. It needs to be current, relevant and realistic. Every course we design is tailored to you and the needs of your team. We plan interview scenarios in advance – relevant to you and your organisation. Our trainers are well-known, working journalists in national and regional news, and we use state-of-the-art TV and radio studios across the UK. We increase your confidence in interviews and give you crucial tips and tricks.

Activity Days

We work with you to develop unique media team-building days.

Working together, with help from industry experts, your team will become a news crew for a day. You will produce, film and present your own news show in an industry studio. Our activity days don’t only push you out of your comfort zone, and get you working together to meet deadlines, they also give you a rare insight into how a news programme is put together and how the media works. This is a unique day which promotes team building and gives an insight into how the media works.

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